Team Krishna is the first Indian team to register for the Global Learning XPRIZE Challenge, we are a pan India team of life long learners who believe that every child must have access to quality learning solutions

Our dreams started getting in shape when an industrious doctor running an NGO ( Proyas Therapeutic Rehabilitation Center ) for specially-abled kids decided to join, thus laying the foundation of this team. Likewise other individuals- Engineers, Graphic Artists, teachers and NGO workers helped realize our collective dreams justifying the quote, "In a competition, individual ambition serve the common goal."

Education saves lives, fosters peace, strengthens the rights of women and girls, and promotes economic growth. Team Krishna believes that every child is special and it is only through education that we can help them shine, that we can help them reach their full potential. An educated young generation would make a peaceful and educated nation. Our future lies in the hands of children of today and we want to chip in with our own efforts to help bring about the change we want to see.

Meet the Team

Subhajit Roy

Co - Founder

Gargi Mazumdar

Co - Founder

Kaushik Mazumdar

Software Lead

Somnath Chakroborthy

Branding & Marketing Lead

Swati Saxena

Curriculum Expert

Devraj Hom Roy

Machine Learning Lead

Rashi Dhanai

Leads on Strategy

Dr. Amit Choudhury

Child Psychologist

Ajit Sharma

Graphics Design Lead

Anirban Chakraborty

Jayashri Chatterjee

Sohom Sengupta

Sayantan Guha

Creative Artist & Musician

Satya Venkata Sandeep

Software Developer

Saikat Mukhopadhya

Researcher in the field of education

Balagopal KV


John Horo

Swahili Specialist